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Q. How do I go about getting the starter drive
or drives to you?
A.  You may use United Parcel Service, the U.S.
Postal Service or any means you may find
Q.  What is the normal time frame in returning
the unit (s) to me?
A.  All orders are considered priority. As a  
general rule orders are shipped the very 
next day. 
Q.  What if my drive has a bad gear?     
A.  A new or totally renewed gear with a new
bushing will be utilized.
Q.  Can you rebuild starter drives made in Russia?
A.  Absolutely.    
Q. Suppose you find that you cannot rebuild my unit or units?
A.  If we cannot find a solution for a particular
drive we will return it to you at no cost to
Q. Do I need a starter number or an application?
A. Submitting as much information as possible will  make things easier for all concerned. However, if you have no information or if it is a mongrel, obsolete or no longer being manufactured, most likely we will still be able to rebuild it to your satisfaction .
Q.  How many units can I send? 
A.  Just one or ten.   
Q.  Can anyone send in a unit or units?
A.  Yes, we custom rebuild for individuals,
fleets, auto electric companies, Construction companies, police and fire departments, post office, marinas, farms, etc.
Q.  How will I pay?
A.  There are several payment options available please email us for details. Click Here
Q. How many different brands are available.
A.  Hitachi, Bosch, Russian, Onan, Nikko, Delco, Ford, Chrysler, Autolite, Mitsubishi,  Nissan,  Lucas,  Marine, Yanmar, GMC, Izusu,Volvo, Mercedes, Kobelco, Ducellier, Porsche, Toyota,  Mitsuba,  Marelli,  Honda, Harley Davidson, John Deere, Massey Fer-guson, Paris Rhone, Jet ski, thermo-king, Jaguar, Iveco, BMW and many, many more.





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