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We have been in the rebuilding industry since 1957 and are specialists in  custom rebuilding of starter drives, whether the drive be in an automobile, truck, forklift, industrial, marine, race car, antique, farm, or off the road equipment. Included are drives made in the USA, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Mexico, Korea, Brazil, England, Russia and many, many more.

           Important note: We do not deal in any aircraft of any kind     

                              What We Do  

All drives are identified, categorized, disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and are replaced with: new bearings, new bushing, heavy duty high and low temperature grease, new springs and new cover when applicable. All measurements are done electronically and assembled by experienced and qualified personnel. You get the drive with exact accuracy of fit.

No order is too small. You can send in one drive or can send twenty. We  offer  fast and reliable service on orders shipped to us. We generally ship most orders within two business days. Next day air is always available for those rush orders. International orders are also welcomed.


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